Spot our name in the “Logistics from Field to Plate“ report by Foodbytes.

Spot our name in the “Logistics from Field to Plate“ report by Foodbytes.

Spot Our Name

AgrigateOne listed in Foodbytes' Top 10 Spotlight Startups Innovating Logistics from Field to Plate

Feb 12, 2024 9:35:25 AM
A welcomed announcement for us here at AgrigateOne, where we have been featured in the prestigious ``Logistics from Field to Plate`` report by Foodbytes, a forward-thinking initiative by Rabobank aimed at driving meaningful improvement within the food and agriculture (F&A) industry. This recognition underscores our commitment to revolutionising the logistics landscape with cutting edge innovative solutions, that address the critical challenges from farm to table.

Foodbytes' Quest for Innovation

Foodbytes, powered by Rabobank, scouted and reviewed more than 250 globally aligned startups, directing their focus on key trends driving growth from Farm to Table. Afterwards, they convened with a targeted group of global Rabobank thought leaders across logistics, packaging, consumer foods and investment who lent their expertise in selecting 10 spotlight startups.
We're thrilled to share that we've been chosen as one of the top ten spotlight startups! AgrigateOne is categorised in the report, as a startup company ``At the Forefront of System Automation”.
To be selected as one of the ten standout startups, the experts at Rabobank assessed the following four themes outlined in their report

Simplicity of Integrations & Reduced Workflow Complexity

Intelligent automation, including the innovative use of Generative AI, is poised to boost revenue and profitability across various industries in the upcoming year. However, for the food and agriculture sector, the focus will be on making incremental yet impactful improvements, read more about it in the Foodbytes report.

Reducing Food Waste & Improving Quality

In response to rising inflation, companies in the food and agriculture sector are exploring innovative sourcing and processing techniques to address food waste, energy expenses, and labor fluctuations. A key objective is to enhance the shelf life and nutritional value of food products without increasing processing steps, and, if possible, reducing them. More info on this in the Foodbytes report.

Evolving with the Consumer

The growing consumer preference for less processed foods and the shift towards e-commerce, along with increased global sourcing, are putting pressure on existing food logistics infrastructures. More interesting opinions by RaboResearch's Consumer Foods Analyst, Maria Castroviejo can be found in the report, which you have probably downloaded by now!

Providing Full Supply Chain Traceability

The logistics sector has experienced significant regulatory changes aimed at dramatically improving the impact food supply chains have on the environment. With a key focus on energy efficiency, as highlighted by RaboResearch's Logistics Analyst Viet Nguyen. Have you heard of the the EU's ambitious goals for a nearly 50% emissions reduction by 2030 from 1990 levels? More about these goals and how companies plan on reaching them in the report!

At the Forefront of System Automation

AgrigateOne is proud to be at the forefront of system automation in the field of perishable supply chain logistics. With a deep understanding of the intricacies, challenges and complexities involved in the perishable supply chains, the AgrigateOne platform is developed with innovative solutions that leverage automation technology to drive efficiency and effectiveness.
Through advanced system integrations and intelligent algorithms, AgrigateOne optimises the logistics from farm to table for perishable trade partners. From procurement and fulfilment, inventory management, order processing, quality control, logistical and shipment task execution, and financial management reporting, all closely aligned with ESG processes. The AgrigateOne platform is designed from the farm down the supply chain, allowing for the elimination of manual data and human errors, reducing bottom-line operational costs, allowing companies to focus on strategic market and trade partner decision-making in-and-out of season.
Underpinning the the workflow automation of AgrigateOne, is the traceability engine which provides users of the platform with unmatched supply chain transparency, enhancing food safety, protocols and quality control, as well as, enabling companies to meet regulatory requirements and consumer expectations.

Join Us in Transforming the Perishable Logistic Supply Chain

We invite you to join us in transforming perishable logistic chains and driving meaningful improvement in the food and agriculture industry. Visit our website or contact us to learn more about how AgrigateOne can help you pioneer logistics innovation from field to plate.
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