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November 2023ISSUING DATE


We're looking for senior developers to join our team in helping further our SaaS platform for the agricultural sector. We are an emerging AgTech startup with a fully remote software development team, working across South Africa.

Our offices are situated in Stellenbosch and Johannesburg, and this role necessitates your presence on-site for one day each week at either of these locations.

Our team comprises seasoned full-stack professionals, many of whom have extensive tenures. Meaning the code base is well understood and you can expect to be given the necessary support that will allow you to work on all parts of our platform.

Our hiring approach values overall development expertise and experience over specific skills, languages, or library knowledge. Most importantly, we seek individuals who find joy in building things and derive deep satisfaction from seeing their creations deliver real value to others.


To offer insight into the nature of our projects, the following areas outline the problem sets related to our core business domains. While expertise in these is not mandatory, they represent the scope of challenges you may encounter:

● Shipments & Logistics: Involves third-party integrations, optimizing logistics workflows, and managing export controls.

● Payments: Encompasses wallet management, sophisticated data modelling, cybersecurity considerations, and the complexities of cross-border transactions.

● Workflow: Focused on enhancing UI/UX designs to streamline user interactions and processes.

● Apps: Entails Flutter app development, managing eventual consistency, GraphQL utilization, and integrating various peripherals.

● Core: Includes building ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) frameworks, optimizing performance, web scraping techniques, and managing distributed systems.

● Data: Covers areas like managing data replication, advanced data modelling and transformation, PostgreSQL tuning, and constructing Business Intelligence (BI) frameworks.

Role Requirements


Preferably a degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Information Systems.


Applicants are expected to bring a minimum of six years of experience in software development, accompanied by a solid track record of successfully delivered projects.

Our hiring approach prioritizes broad development expertise and experience over specific technical skills. However, familiarity with Ruby and/or Angular is beneficial.

To give you a clearer picture of our technological landscape, we list below our core and supplementary technologies. This overview is intended to provide an insight into the tools and processes we employ in our projects, rather than being prerequisites for the role:

Core Technologies:
● Angular: Our primary tool for front-end development.
● Ruby on Rails (API only): The backbone of our API development.
● GraphQL: Employed for efficient and flexible data queries.
● Postgres (Amazon RDS): Our choice for database management.
● Tailwind CSS: Used for efficient and responsive styling.
● Flutter: For creating cross-platform mobile applications.
● Various AWS technologies (ECS, SNS, SES, RDS, Textract, etc.): Forming the foundation of our cloud infrastructure.

Supplementary Technologies:

● Python (Flask): Supporting backend operations and microservices.
● Prometheus & Grafana: For comprehensive monitoring and analytics.
● Elastic Search: Enhancing our search functionality.
● Electron: Used in cross-platform desktop application development.
● MongoDB: Supporting our NoSQL database implementations.
● Shape Up software development methodology (Basecamp Shape Up): Guiding our project management and development processes.

Note: Familiarity with these technologies is advantageous, but not a prerequisite for applying. We value adaptability and the ability to learn in our candidates.


English / Afrikaans (Beneficial)
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